Mosaic Artist Linda Solby's pet companion Lily

Mosaic Artist Linda Solby

I am passionate about people, mosaics, gardens, fine glass and my dog Lily. My mosaic benches and garden stones are a way of combining these interests.

To create an extraordinarily beautiful piece of art with my customer/client and for my customer client is my main focus. I love to listen to their ideas and to work with them to create a unique piece of art that can bring comfort through its personal beauty.

Linda's Artistic Process

After collaboration with my client, I sketch the original design (which has met with client approval) on the top of the concrete bench or stone, which is my canvas. Using a mosaic handcutter, I cut and butter each chip of glass individually with cement and piece it together around the sketched design, as I would work a puzzle.

When the design is complete, I fill in the background or field with Venetian glass or smalti. I am especially fond of the iridized glass that dramatically reflects the light in a garden and enhances the design. Using 14 karat gold tiles as accents, as well as fire tiles which glow in the evening, bring a dynamic luster to the memory benches and stones. Afterward, I dremel any sharp edges, leaving the piece smooth to the touch.

Lastly, the bench or stone is primed, since it will be outdoors; then, I antique it. After I rub the patina onto the surface, the mosaic memorial bench or stone is sealed to further insure that it will properly weather.

Intricate process of creating a mosaic memorial bench by artist Linda Solby at Water's End Studio

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